Keep it together

Our fixation range is designed to keep our wound dressings in place. We supply tubular, crepe, eco-crepe, cohesive, elastic and non-elastic bandages each with its specific purpose.

Klinifix cohesive fixation bandage

Klinifix Cohesive Fixation bandage

A cohesive bandage is especially suitable for the fixation of wound dressings on moving or round body parts of the body. Because the bandage sticks to itself due to special knitting, fixation can take place quickly, easily and in a material-saving manner.

Klinifix crepe bandage

Klinifix Crêpe bandage

Klinifix crêpe bandage is made of a light and elastic material, it stays well in place due to the specially woven loop-shaped structure. This property makes it particularly well suited for the application of head and stump bandages.

Klinifix Eco-crêpe bandage

Klinifix eco-crêpe bandage is an elastic securing bandage for fixation of wound dressings on mobile or round parts of the body.

Klinifix Elastic bandage

An elastic bandage is ideal for the fixation of traditional and advanced wound dressings on moving parts of the body such as joints.

Klinifix Non-elastic bandage

A non-elastic fixation bandage is particularly suitable for the fixation of traditional and advanced wound dressings on non-moving parts of the body. Due to its structure, the bandage retains its tensile strength, even when it gets wet.

Klinifix Tubular bandage

Elastic viscose tubular bandage is a two-way stretch bandage for dressing retention and covering the skin.