Patient clothing

Doll wearing bib

Patient clothing that feels good, hygienic and confident

Clothing for patients is often seen as part of the medical environment. Every day, healthcare professionals work with requirements for good hygiene, procedures, and treatments, including patient care. However, clothing can also be regarded as an embodiment of the self, closely associated with self-esteem and self-confidence. So, our patient clothing is designed to ensure the most hygienic environment, whilst maintaining the patient’s self-esteem. Being a patient is difficult enough.

Single blue bib


Disposable, moisture proof bib to help people keep their clothing clean during mealtimes or oral examinations. It is made of white recycled paper tissue and has a blue PE coating.

Doll wearing blue colonoscopy short

Colonoscopy shorts

These shorts are ideal for providing a barrier against fluids and particles during a procedure. It features a rear slit to support proper positioning as well as comfort and mobility.

Person wearing visitor gown

Visitor gown

Universal ‘all-round’ single-use gowns for patients and visitors. Made of non-woven material, with buttons on the front for easy wear. Can be used in all areas of the hospital.