Doll wearing apron with thumb holes

The right apron for the job

Disposable single-use polyethylene aprons for protection against harmless fluids and dirt. All are waterproof and suitable for use by staff and patients in medical industries. Our durable aprons protect against daily wear and tear and let you get on with the task at hand. Available in various colours for easy identification: classic white, transparent and blue. We offer multiple thicknesses, without, with short or long sleeves to suit your job. Also available in different packaging options, such as on a roll, folded in a dispenser and single packed. 

Doll wearing no sleeve apron

No sleeve

Aprons without sleeves provide an effective, minimal barrier and protect staff uniforms and skin from harmless fluids and dirt. Easy to wear and remove, so the perfect minimal solution.

Doll wearing shortsleeve apron

Short sleeve

Aprons with short sleeves covering the shoulders and upper arms. To be used as barrier protection against harmless fluids and dirt. Protection against general and small risks.

Doll wearing longsleeve apron

Long sleeve

Gown with an apron-style open back, long sleeves and thumb loop cuffs. Made of PE fluid resistant film, so suitable for use during prolonged contact with fluids.