Washing with water

Hand under tap

Traditional bathing for a sense of well-being

Assisting patients with bathing is a fundamental aspect of maintaining the patient's hygiene. Bathing supports a patient’s sense of cleanliness and assists in gaining a sense of normality. Our assortment of rinse-off products can be used in the bath or shower. Apply by hand or use one of our disposable wash gloves for comfort and hygiene. Our traditional bathing products have received the Nordic Swan Eco-label and are free from colourants, perfume or endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Only our Body bath contains a mild perfume, as an alternative to the scent-free Hair-Body-Hands. 

Blue non-woven washcloth on hand

Dry wash gloves

Very strong, single-use washcloths in 5 varieties. All gloves are latex-free. Use them in combination with wash and care foam to remove stubborn dirt.

Bottle of body bath

Body bath

Use this mildly scented liquid wash gel with pH 4.8 during showering or bathing or as bubble bath. Leaves the skin soft and supple. Comes in a handy pump bottle.

Bottle of Hair, body, hands

Hair body hands

3-in-1 wash gel with pH 4.5 that is soft on skin. Cost-effective, practical and nourishing due to vegetable oils. Comes in dispenser package, pump bottle or tube.

Bottle of shampoo


Mild shampoo for everyday use with pH 4.8. Leaves hair looking shiny, voluminous and easy to detangle. Highly concentrated, so you only need small amounts for each wash.

Bottle of hand soap liquid

Hand soap liquid

Perfume-free liquid hand soap with pH 5.0. Soft on hands and easy to rinse off. Long-lasting and comes in a handy pump bottle or dispenser package.

Bottle of sensitive and intimate

Sensitive and intimate

Liquid soap for sensitive skin and daily intimate hygiene with pH 4.5. The lower pH makes it ideal for gentle cleansing of the skin in intimate areas.