Soft fine plus pen needles

Klinion Softfine Plus penneedles, different color for each size

Always the right pen needle

Our range of pen needles includes different lengths and thicknesses. The pen needles have a thin or extra thin wall. This thinwall technology improves the insulin flow through the pen needle. A silicone coating and 5-point faceted needle provide almost painless injection requiring less force. The appropriate pen needle can be used depending on personal preference and the specific needs of the individual client. The pen needles are available in various combinations with a length of 4, 5, 6, 8 or 12mm and a thickness of 32G, 31G or 29G. Each size of the pen needle has an unique color which show both on the packaging of the box, and the pen needle itself. Even the protective cap of the pen needle has the same color so that it is clearly identifiable.

All our diabetes devices are compliant with the latest MDR (Medical Device Registration) quality and safety standards, as required by European laws and regulations. The pen needles can be used on all universal insulin pens. Discover all pen needles in the product catalog on the Medeco website for buyers and healthcare professionals.

Product question

  • Which pen injectors are compatible with Soft fine plus pen needles?

    The following pen injectors are compatible with Soft fine plus pen needles:

    • Omnican®Pen 31
    • Omnican®Pen 32
    • BerliPen® 301
    • BerliPen® 302
    • BerliPen® JUNIOR
    • BerliPen® areo2
    • BerliPen® PRECISION
    • BerliPen® areo
    • JuniorSTAR®
    • TactiPen®
    • GensuPen®
    • Humalog® KwikPen
    • HumaPen® Ergo
    • HumaPen® LUXURA
    • HumaPen® LUXURA HD
    • HumaPen® MEMOIR
    • HumaPen® savvio
    • Humulin® N Pen
    • Byetta® Pen
    • Saline KwikPen™
    • FlexPen®
    • FlexTouch®
    • NovoPen® 3
    • NovoPen® 4
    • NovoPen® 5
    • NovoPen Echo®
    • NovoPen® Junior
    • ClikSTAR®
    • OptiPen® Pro1
    • OptiPen® Pro2
    • Xultophy®
    • Autopen® 24
    • Autopen® Classic
    • Ypsopen®
    • Pendiq
    • Pendiq 2.0
    • SoloSTAR