Wound Care

Nurse putting bandage on elderly person

Affordable quality without compromise

We offer an extensive range of wound care dressings in medical devices Class I to IIb. Our solutions include traditional and advanced wound care, compression therapy and first aid. Do you need dressings for the absorption of exudate, moist wound healing, fixation or compression? Our products have been developed for all kinds of acute and chronic wounds. Our products offer excellent usability and comfort for each stage of wound healing.

Assortment Wound Care

Foam silicone sacrum border plaster with box


Foam dressings ranging from regular foams to foam silicone and foam with PHMB. All are made of polyurethane and can be used for a wide range of wound care needs.

Skin Adhesive

Our best topical skin adhesive for closing easily approximated skin edges of wounds from surgical incisions and trauma induced lacerations.

Alginate dressing with box

Additional advanced dressings

Alginate, silicone wound contact layer and hydrocolloid dressings, films and Klinitulle (paraffine dressing), as well as a range of honey products (Mesitran) and a nasal plug.

Long stretch compression bandage with box


Compression bandages available in two varieties: short stretch and long stretch. Both come in a light and heavy-duty variety. Ideal for controlling oedema.

Absorbent wound dressing with box

Absorbent dressings

High-quality, non-stick absorbent dressings in different varieties: sterile and non-sterile, aluminium or polyethylene contact layer, with cotton wool or pulp filling. 

Classic plaster with box

Plasters and tapes

Patches for every day, border plasters for post-operative wounds, and a range of tapes for fixating bandages available in non-woven, transparent, textile, and silk.

Hydrophilic gauze compress with box

Traditional compresses

Gauze dressings for wound dressing or for cleaning wounds and wound edges. Split, sterile, non-sterile and hydrophilic non-woven varieties.

Non-woven abdominal compress with x-ray detectable thread

OR range

Assortment of OR products ranging from gauze balls to compresses. Available in gauze and non-woven varieties. All with a blue X-ray contrast wire for safety.

Cohesive fixation bandage with box

Fixation and support

Tubular bandages, arm slings, sling foam, cohesive bandages and abdominal girdle. To secure wound dressings and support injured body parts.

Heap of cotton balls

Additional products

Handy medical aids like hot and cold packs, cellulose swabs, pretape, synthetic padding, cotton gloves, zigzag cotton, cotton balls and cotton sheet for ointment.

Square superabsorbent dressing with box

Superabsorbent dressings

An excellent choice for highly exudating chronic and acute wounds. Consists of four layers to manage exudate. The SAP inner core locks and retains bacteria.


Debrides intuitive design is double sided with a continuous soft edge enabling improved handleability and control during debridement. Pocket size for extra control.