Plasters and tapes

Child inspects wound on knee

Keep it together

From daily scratches and accidents to post-operative wounds requiring special care. We have the right plasters and bandages for you. For dressing everyday wounds to the blue plasters that are suitable for professional use in the kitchen. Our border plasters are perfect for dressing post-operative wounds, for dry wounds or for lightly exuding wounds. They stay in place, whilst not sticking to the wound bed. Last in the plaster family are our tapes, suitable for the fixation of bandages on moving body parts, compression bandages and for the fixation of catheters and tubes. We supply tapes in non-woven, transparent, textile and silk varieties. 

Classic plaster with box


A range of plasters for various purposes in all shapes and sizes: daily band-aids, kids’ plasters, detectable plasters, (waterproof) border plasters and injection plasters.

Nonwoven tape in blue dispenser

Medical tapes

A range of tapes for various purposes and in different shapes and sizes, like fixing tape, transparent tape, textile tape, non-woven tape with dispenser, and silk tape.