Klinifix cohesive fixation bandage

About Klinifix cohesive fixation bandage

A cohesive bandage is especially suitable for the fixation of wound dressings on moving or round body parts of the body. Because the bandage sticks to itself due to special knitting, fixation can take place quickly, easily and in a material-saving manner. Elasticity and cohesive strength prevent the dressing from shifting, so it stays in place even after extended wear.

Product benefits

  • Made of cotton, viscose, polyamide and synthetic rubber
  • Non-sterile
  • Individually packed in a carton
  • Comfortable to wear due to its elasticity
  • Does not stick to skin, hair or clothing
  • Single use


Klinifix cohesive fixation bandage is used for securing wound dressings. Due to its elastic properties, especially suitable for use on moving parts of the body.


  • Do not apply directly onto open wounds and/or damaged skin
  • Do not apply the bandage too tightly, as this can have a negative impact on blood circulation

Application instructions

Apply the dressing to be fixed on the wound, wrap the bandage around the dressing, cut the bandage to the correct length.