Soft fine colour lancets

Fast, safe and reliable blood sampling

Klinion soft fine colour lancets comprises 4 types of lancets differing in length (0,32mm and 0,36mm) and diameter (28G and 30G). Each box contains different colours. Having a different coloured lancet for every puncture supports single use, making blood sampling more comfortable. Each lancet has been electro-polished and silicone coated for a smooth penetration. Depending on a patient’s personal preference, type of skin and specific needs, the right lancet can be prescribed. All lancets are suitable for use with most lancing devices.

Coloured lancets with box


Sterile lancets in different colours suitable for blood sampling. Compatible with most universal lancing devices. Available in 0.31 mm and 0.36 mm and gauges 28G and 30G.

Product question

  • Which lancing devices are compatible with Soft fine colour lancets?

    The following lancing devices are compatible with Soft fine colour lancets:

    • Autolet® Impression
    • RITE AID®
    • ReliOn
    • BG STAR®
    • Glucoject® Dual
    • Penlet™ Plus
    • ONETOUCH UltraSoft
    • EasyTouch®
    • SteriLance™
    • ReliaMed® Mini
    • ReliaMed® Mini Pen-Style
    • TRUEdraw®
    • My life Softlance
    • Simple Diagnostics
    • Droplet®
    • Optimus
    • Advocate®
    • Microlet® 2
    • Free Style