Additional advanced dressings

Gloved hands putting dressing on wound

The right dressing for every type of wound

Our range of Kliniderm foams and superabsorbent dressings is complemented with an assortment of advanced wound care dressings. Each dressing is designed to support specialised wound healing. The assortment consists of: alginate dressings, silicone wound contact layer, hydrocolloid dressings, film dressings, paraffin dressings, nasal plugs and mesitran range (honey products).

Alginate dressing with box


Consists of high G (guluronic acid) alginate that absorbs exudate and provides a moist wound environment. For moderately to heavily exuding wounds. Highly absorbent and ensures intact removal.

Silicone wound contact layer dressing with box

Silicone wound contact layer

Soft silicone wound contact layer that lets exudate flow into a secondary absorbent dressing. One-sided silicone layer prevents the secondary dressing from sticking to the wound.

Hydrocolloid sacral plaster with border with box


Hydroactive self-adhesive dressing consisting of a polyurethane foam coated with hydrocolloid. For surface wounds with low exudate. Can be used in combination with compression therapy.

Film with pad dressing with box


Self-adhesive, transparent, semi-permeable film dressing that creates an ideal wound climate. Provides a flexible, transparent cover to protect the wound as primary or secondary dressing.

Film IV

A wound film such as Kliniderm Film IV is particularly suitable for securing intravenous cannulas.

Film Roll

A wound film such as the non-sterile Kliniderm Film Roll is particularly suitable for the treatment of surface wounds with slight exudate. In addition, Kliniderm Film Roll is used for fixation and as a secondary wound dressing.

Film with pad

A wound film such as Kliniderm Film with pad is particularly suitable for the treatment of surface wounds with slight exudate.

Single sheet of Klinitulle ointment compress


Non-woven ointment compress impregnated with white paraffin. Can be applied to superficial wounds and burns. It prevents dehydration of the wound and aids smooth removal of the dressing.

Tube of l-Mesitran gel


L-mesitran products contain medical grade honey with antimicrobial and pro-healing properties. Available as ointment, hydro-active wound dressing, net and non-adhering tulle.

More about Kliniderm silicone wound contact layer

All the information about the Kliniderm silicone wound contact layer product range is available in this leaflet. You can distribute it to clients to inform them about our product.