Personal Care

Young hand holding old hand

Care for well-being

Patient care is an essential part of medical care. The goal is always to improve the quality of life. Our Personal Care range contains products to make the patient's life a little better, because a little happier is a little healthier. Our skin products are designed to keep skins intact and healthy. Not able to shower a patient? Our waterless bathing products will keep them clean and fresh. And our patient clothing, bed protection and hygienic accessories help create a hygienic environment.

Assortment personal care

Package of perfume-free wash gloves

Washing without water

No-rinse wash cream, wash gloves, shampoo cap and wipes. Perfumed as well as perfume free. Can be heated for a gentle cleansing of body and hair. pH neutral.

Bottle of shampoo

Washing with water

Hair, body, hand and intimate soap in a variety of pH-levels depending on their use. Suitable for all skin types and designed to keep skin from drying out.

Tube of body cream 70%

Skin hydration

Our creams and oil have fat percentages ranging from 16% to 70%. They are designed to moisturize and maintain elasticity of the skin. The oil can be added to bath water.

Tube of barrier cream

Skin protection

Our barrier creams and zinc ointment put a protective layer on skin that prevents redness due to moisture. Made with non-allergenic ingredients and suitable for children and infants.

Blue mattress protector corner

Bed protection

A full range of bed protection products. Waterproof mattress and pillow covers that support a clean and healthy environment in which germs are kept at bay.

Doll wearing blue colonoscopy short

Patient clothing

Designed with the well-being of the patient in mind to make them feel a bit better in medical situations. We offer bibs, colonoscopy shorts and visitor gowns.

Stacked drinking cups with spout lid

Fluid collection

This collection contains drinking cups with spout lid, sputum cups and pulp bowls. All designed to make the patients’ and healthcare professionals’ lives a bit easier.

Cotton buds on wooden stick

Hygienic accessories

Hygienic accessories for daily use by both patient and healthcare professional. Our range includes tissues, table paper, cotton buds and wooden spatulas.