Diabetes Care

Person injecting insulin in belly

Smooth sampling and injecting

Our Klinion Diabetes Care range includes pen needles in various lengths and thicknesses. The pen needles have a thin or extra thin wall. This thinwall technology improves insulin flow through the pen needle. A silicone coating and 5-point faceted needle ensure virtually painless injection requiring less force. The right needle can be prescribed depending on personal preference and the specific needs of the individual client. The pen needles are available in various combinations with a length of 4, 5, 6, 8 or 12mm and a thickness of 32G, 31G or 29G. Each size of the pen needle has unique colour which is on both the packaging of the box, and pen needle itself. Even the protective cap of the pen needle has the same colour, making it clearly recognisable. 

All our diabetes devices comply with the latest quality and safety standards, as prescribed by European laws and regulations. 

The products can be used in combination with most available pen injectors and lancing devices.

Assortment Diabetes Care

Coloured lancets with box

Soft Fine colour lancets

Klinion Soft Fine colour lancets are single use, sterile lancets in different colours. They are intended to be used with a lancing device for blood sampling.

Klinion Softfine penneedles in 5mm

Soft Fine Plus pen needles

The Klinion Soft Fine Plus pen needles are single use, sterile pen needles. They are intended to be used with a pen injector for insuline injection.