Hands putting compression bandage on ankle

Compression with compassion

Our wound care portfolio meets your needs for long stretch and short stretch bandages. Both varieties come in a standard and heavy-duty version. Long stretch compression bandages provide continuous venous pressure. Therefore, the bandages must be removed at night. Short stretch bandages provide high pressure during activity and low pressure at rest. Consequently, the bandages can remain in place overnight. To ensure correct use of the bandages, all our compression items come with clear instructions on proper use, including pictures.

Long stretch compression bandage with box

Long stretch compression

Breathable and durable compression bandages, made of cotton, polyamide and elastane. Available in several sizes and a skin friendly adhesive acryl variety. Can only be worn during the day.

Short stretch compression bandage in box

Short stretch compression

Breathable and durable bandages made of 100% cotton. They provide high working pressure and low resting pressure and can therefore also be used at night. Available in several sizes.