Klinipress Absorbent dressing

About Klinipress Absorbent dressing

Nonwoven absorbent wound dressing for moderately exuding wounds. Effective moisture uptake and distribution, comfortable, does not leak due to fluid repellent outer layer. White = wound side, blue = external side. To be replaced at least once a day. Do not cut or tear the dressing. 

Klinion has two variants of absorbent dressings in its line. Klinion Exsupad absorbent dressing with a filling of 100% cotton hydrophilic (= absorbent) white wadding and Klinion Absorbent dressing with a pulp filling. A cotton wool filling is characterized by the good dispersion of exudate and the comfortable softness, while a pulp filling is often chosen for price reasons.

Product benefits

  • Polypropylene absorbent and repellent web
  • Paper/wood pulp cellulose paper and inner core
  • Change daily
  • Available sterile and non-sterile
  • Single use
  • Fixation: necessary


Nonwoven absorbent wound dressing for moderately exuding wounds.

Application instructions

Apply to the desired location and fix with the aid of an adhesive or fixation plaster, a bandage or an elastic net bandage. 

Frequency of use: change the wound dressing daily.