Hygienic accessories

Young child with wooden spatula in mouth

Hygienic and sustainable aids for everyday use

Every patient and healthcare professional uses tissues and other hygienic aids every day. We make them strong, soft and reliable for everyone’s comfort. From the tear-resistance and softness of our tissues and examination table paper, to the quality of the wood we use for our spatulas, stems and cotton buds. We devote attention to all the details, so that they are easy and safe to use.

Single wooden spatula

Wooden spatula

Multifunctional as wax applicator, tongue depressor and many other uses. They are smooth, tasteless, odourless and feel soft on the skin and tongue.

Cotton buds on wooden stick

Cotton bud

Cotton buds for cleaning and disinfecting small skin surfaces. Available with a large or smaller cotton ball. We only use cotton and wood nowadays to reduce plastic waste.

Vaginal speculum

Vaginal speculum

Made of shockproof polystyrene, to be used for gynaecological inspection. Soft on the skin, and quickly adapts to body temperature for more comfort.

Roll of white examination table paper

Examination table paper

Examination table paper on a roll. Protects your examination or treatment table and other surfaces. Easy to tear due to perforation lines. Double layered.

Tissue with tissue box


Strong and absorbent paper tissues in a dispenser box. Easy to use for blowing the nose, cleaning or blotting the face and various other uses. Soft on the skin.