Fluid collection

Man drinking from a cup

Fluent patient care

Non-spillage drinking and collecting solutions, that's what our fluid collection is all about. We offer pulp kidney bowls, sputum cups and drinking cups. Our pulp bowls are waterproof for a minimum of 4 hours and can be macerated. Our sputum cups have an attached and automatically closing lid, making procedures easier and more hygienic. And our safe and non-spill drinking cups with spout lids are handy and necessary, especially for bed patients. All plastic products fully comply with Commission Regulation EU 10/2011 on plastic materials in contact with food. 

Kidney pulp bowl

Pulp bowl 750 ml

This disposable, kidney-shaped pulp bowl is intended as a universal receptacle for receiving soiled dressings and light wastes, such as bodily exudates.

Stacked drinking cups with spout lid

Drinking cup and spout lid 250 ml

Our drinking cups and corresponding lids are used to provide a clean and easy solution for orally taking in fluids. Recommended for fluids below 40°C.

Sputum cup with open lid

Sputum cup 250 ml

Sputum cups facilitate the disposal of mucus excretion. Easy open and closure due to the attached and automatically closing lid.