Kliniray gauze compress x-ray

About Kliniray gauze compress x-ray

Sterile X-ray compresses are used in surgical procedures for the absorption of fluid. The dressing has an X-Ray thread which allows the product to be located using X-rays. Available in different sizes. Surgical gauzes are not intended to be used fully unfolded. The number of times a mesh can be unfolded depends on the size and the number of layers. Always make sure that the unfinished side of the mesh remains folded inwards. The chance that this unfinished side (the cut edge of the gauze) will release particles is present and this is undesirable. Although there are no official guidelines for this, we recommend including this method in a work instruction.

Product benefits

  • 100% cotton  gauze
  • X-ray thread
  • Pouch in pouch (sterile variants)
  • Including counting cards (sterile variants)
  • Available sterile 
  • 10x10cm and 10x20cm size also available non-sterile. Sterilization recommendation available, see downloads.
  • Single use


For moisture absorption during operations.

Application instructions

Sterile variants: Packed in a double pouch to guarantee sterility. Counting cards included on inner pouch. Non-sterile variants: packed in paper wrapper.