Kliniderm Foam Silicone Border Multisite

About Kliniderm Foam Silicone Border Multisite

To ensure optimal user comfort, a new size has been added to the Kliniderm® foam silicone range. The Kliniderm® foam silicone multisite can be used on parts of the body where extra conformity is desirable. The design is specially designed to remain comfortable even on deviating contours.

Kliniderm® foam silicone multisite is intended for moderately to severely exuding chronic and acute wounds and may be used during the healing process.

Product benefits

  • Extra conformability: Notch in corners provides extra conformability on abnormal body contours.
  • Absorbs and manages exudate: Protects surrounding skin and supports moist wound healing.
  • Skin-friendly: Reliable fixation and safe to use on sensitive skin.
  • Effective under compression: Good absorption when used under compression (e.g. stockings).
  • Unique design: The large silicone corners ensure optimal wearing comfort and prevent loosening of the dressing.
  • Soft silicone wound contact layer: Provides less pain during dressing changes
  • Can be used for up to 7 days: Reduces the number of dressing changes required.
  • Protective: Provides a barrier to microorganisms.


Kliniderm® Foam Silicone dressings are indicated for moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds and may be used throughout the healing process on the following wounds:

  • pressure ulcers
  • venous leg ulcers
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • lacerations
  • abrasions
  • skin tears
  • donor sites
  • postoperative surgical wounds
  • superficial and partial thickness burns

For more information about Kliniderm® Foam Silicone Border Multisite you can download the brochure or product information below.

Application instructions

  1. Select a suitable size of Kliniderm® Foam Silicone so that the dressing overlaps the wound margins by approximately 2cm/0.8’’. Non-bordered dressings can be cut to size if necessary.
  2. Remove the release film before use and apply the adherent side to the wound.
  3. If necessary, Kliniderm® Foam Silicone can be fixated with a bandage or other fixation.