Klinipress Alupad

About Klinipress Alupad

An absorbent, non-adherent wound dressing used to cover moderately exuding wounds. Alupad wound dressing has a silver-coloured aluminum layer on one side of the dressing which is placed on the wound. Alupad is also available in a trachea version for trachea cannulas or drains. The compress can be fixed easily with a fixation bandage or fixation plaster.

Product benefits

  • Aluminum wound contact layer reduces the risk of adherence to the wound.
  • Place aluminum colored side on the wound.
  • 65% viscose and 35% polyester nonwoven.
  • Aluminum coating on PE film wound contact layer.


Suitable for absorbing exudate, indicated for light to mildly exuding wounds.

Application instructions

The compress must be placed with the aluminum layer on the wound surface. The dressing must be changed daily and is for single use only. The Klinipress Alupad Trachea variant has a slit and opening in the compress. When placed around the cannula, it prevents pressure points and absorbs exudate. It is also suitable as drain compress, e.g. to cover the insertion opening of drains.