Soft fine plus pen needles

Always the right pen needle

Klinion Soft fine plus pen needles comprises 8 types of needles differing in length (4, 5, 6, 8, 12 mm) and diameter (29G, 31G and 32G). Most pen needles have an extra thin wall or ultra-thin wall. This thin-wall technology supports better insulin flow into the skin. Each needle has been electro-polished and silicone coated for a smooth injection. Depending on the patient’s personal preference, type of skin and specific needs, the right needle can be prescribed. All needles are suitable for use with most pen injectors.

Pen needles

Sterile pen needles suitable for insulin injection. Compatible with most universal pen injectors. Available in 5 lengths from 4 to 12 mm and gauges 29G, 31G and 32G.

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