Klinion Mesitran Border

About Klinion Mesitran Border

Mesitran Border, is an all-around adhesive, hydro-active antibacterial barrier wound dressing with honey; for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds in difficult-to-dress areas that release little to moderate exudate.

Product benefits

  • Honey gel with semi-permeable wound film on top
  • Semi-permeable film provides a moist wound climate
  • Reduces inflammatory response
  • Reduces swelling and pain
  • Wound is cleaned
  • Reduces the risk of scar tissue formation
  • Adhesive edge; suitable for places that are difficult to bandage (heel, tailbone)
  • Forms to the shape of the wound
  • Does not adhere to the wound
  • Transparent
  • Sterile


  • Burns
  • Abrasions
  • Donor sites (transplanted skin)
  • Pressure ulcers (pressure sores)
  • Ulcus cruris (ulcer on the lower leg)
  • Post-operative wounds

Application instructions

  1. Remove the sterile dressing from the packaging.
  2. First remove one half of the white plastic protective layer.
  3. Gently place the dressing with the adhesive side onto the wound.
  4. Remove the second half of the protective layer.
  5. Now remove the paper layer from the dressing and make sure the dressing stays firmly in place.
  6. Inspect the wound and surrounding skin regularly.