Full-length medical gowns for comfort and protection

Our (impervious) isolation gowns help prevent contamination between wearer and patient. The fabric of our impervious gowns combines effective fluid resistance with wearer comfort. These gowns are ideal for patient contact, decontamination, and general clean-up tasks with a high risk of splatters. Our gowns are available in different colours and sizes. With elastic or knitted cuffs and varying neck closures, such as Velcro or ties. Your apparel solution for staff safety.

Isolation gowns

Disposable medical isolation gowns, made of non-woven (spunbond) material. With varying cuff types and neck closures. Available in several colours and sizes to suit all applications.

Waterproof isolation gowns

Latex-free impervious isolation gowns with a polyethylene layer to protect against fluids. Made of non-woven (spunbond) material. Designed with varying cuff types and neck closures.

Visitor gowns

Disposable visitor gowns, made of white non-woven (spunbond) material. Front buttons optimise easy donning and doffing of the gown. Can be worn in all areas of the hospital.