OR range

Always traceable with x-ray detectable wire

Our OR range contains all those necessary and handy products to protect organs or absorb moisture. Each product comes with convenient counting stickers and a visible blue X-ray wire. This wire allows healthcare professionals to detect any missing gauze compresses on an X-ray. The combination of coloured counting stickers, the presence of an X-ray detectable thread and safety loops in specific swabs makes our OR range safe and easy to use.

Hydrophylic products

We supply several varieties of sterile and non-sterile products, like gauze balls, tupfer balls and abdominal gauzes used for surgery preparation or moisture absorption. Available in various sizes.

Non-woven products

Sterile swab for moisture absorption. The 4-ply variety has a safety loop for use in the abdominal cavity. Our non-woven gauzes come in various sizes. Available in various ply thicknesses.