Foams for moist wound healing

Our Kliniderm foam products are made of soft, conformable polyurethane foam with a moisture permeable film backing. Also, all our foams absorb and manage exudate whilst supporting moist wound healing. The foam range consists of three different varieties: Regular Kliniderm foam, Kliniderm foam silicone and Kliniderm foam PHMB.

Kliniderm Foam Silicone

Soft, comfortable and absorbent. It creates the ideal environment for moist wound healing and avoids adherence to the wound surface. The skin-friendly, adhesive dressing enables optimal fixation.

Kliniderm Foam

Soft, comfortable and highly absorbent. Does not adhere to the wound. Creates an ideal environment for moist wound healing. Our foams are latex-free. Available with and without an adhesive border.

Kliniderm Foam PHMB

Contains the antimicrobial substance polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) and B-panthenol, ensuring the microbiological control of the wound dressing. This reduces the risk of infection and promotes the healing process.

Information leaflet Kliniderm foam silicone

Read all about our Kliniderm foam silicone in this leaflet. You can distribute it to clients so that they can learn more about our product.