Washing without water

Waterless bathing as daily personal hygiene routine

Cleanliness is important but it can be a challenge, especially for bedridden patients. With our waterless bathing products you can wash every part of the body without rinsing or drying. This minimises the risk of cross-contamination. All products are impregnated with a water-based lotion containing cleaning and caring ingredients. You can heat most products in a microwave or controlled-temperature thermal cabinet for comfort. 

Wash gloves

Disposable, non-woven gloves in perfumed or perfume-free variety. They can be heated and are soft on skin. For gentle total body cleansing without the need for soap and water.

Wash wipes

Skin pH-neutral, waterless bodywash wipes that are soft on the skin and suitable for total body cleansing without the need for soap and water. They can be heated for comfort.

Lotion wipes

Skin pH-neutral lotion wipes that can be heated. Gently cleanses and moisturises the skin without soap and water. Comes in resealable dispenser to keep wipes moist.

Shampoo cap

Rinse-free shampoo caps that can be heated. They are made of soft non-woven fabric and impregnated with a non-alcoholic cleansing and conditioning solution.

Wash cream

Cleansing and moisturising cream in one. It cleanses the skin by being massaged in using a cloth. The cream can remain on the skin without being rinsed off.

Wash and care foam

Helps remove stubborn dirt or faeces. The foam contains milk serum, which has a preventive and healing effect. Suitable for older, sensitive and dry skin.