Additional products

Always the right solution for you

To complement our innovative wound care products and wound management solutions, we also manufacture regular day to day care products that always come in handy. Like our hot and cold packs, for bruises or sore muscles. Our cold packs are ready to use, which saves you time. We also offer a range of cotton products, like washable gloves to softly and hygienically apply ointments and creams, or regular zigzag cotton and cotton balls for disinfection and cleaning. 

Cold pack instant

Ready to use. Just squeeze the pack to activate the content. For single use cold application for bruises, strains, headaches, toothache and various other uses.

Cold/hot pack

Reusable pack. Can be refrigerated and applied cold to bruises, strains, inflammation or aches. Can be heated and applied hot to ease muscle strain and neck, back and shoulder pain.

Cellulose swabs

Swabs made of 100% cellulose for cleaning and disinfecting the skin. Comes in a roll of 500 pieces. Non-sterile. Suitable for use in a dispenser. Dispenser not included.

Synthetic padding

Padding material made of 100% polyester fibres, permeable to air and moisture. The padding is easy to tear. Ideal for use underneath support, compression and plaster of paris bandage.


Foam bandage made of 100% polyurethane. Ideal for use underneath adhesive bandages, sports tape or plaster of paris bandage. It is breathable and protects the skin from chafing.

Cotton glove

Pack of two gloves made of 100% cotton. Ideal for protecting the hands and surroundings when applying ointments or creams. Can be worn on both the right and left hand.

Cotton zigzag

Cotton wool made of 50% cotton and 50% viscose. Consists of 1 piece, zigzag packed. Easy to tear. Can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and absorbing.

Cotton balls

Cotton wool balls made of 50% cotton and 50% viscose. Can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and absorbing. Comes in a package of 500 pieces.

Engels pluksel

Roll of dressing made of 100% cotton for ointment treated skin. Ensures that ointment stays in place. Comes in 5 m x 10 cm or 5m x 45 cm.