Klinipress HG gauze compress

About Klinipress HG gauze compress

The traditional gauze swab is excellent for cleaning and covering (covering only possible with sterile veriants) dry or slightly exuding wounds due to its rapid absorption. Even if the gauze swab is impregnated with a liquid for wound cleaning, it retains its firm, tensile structure. If strength of the swab is important, the gauze dressing is preferred over a nonwoven dressing. The gauze swab can be fixed with a Kliniplast adhesive medical tape, fixation plaster or with a Klinifix bandage.

Product benefits

  • 100% cotton gauze
  • Available sterile and non-sterile
  • Folded edges
  • Single use


Non-sterile variants: For cleansing of wounds and skin. 

Sterile variants: For cleansing and covering of wounds and skin. In case of covering; change daily.

Green anesthesia compress: Non-sterile. For cleansing of skin, green color to avoid confusion with operation gauzes. 

Application instructions

Hydrophilic cotton gauzes are not intended to be used fully unfolded. The number of times a compress can be unfolded depends on the size and the number of layers. Always make sure that the unfinished side of the mesh remains folded inwards. The chance that this unfinished side (the cutting edge of the gauze) will release particles is present and this is undesirable. Although there are no official guidelines, we recommend including this method in a work instruction.