Kliniplast Detectable

About Kliniplast Detectable

These blue wound plaster strips are water-resistant and detectable by their color and the metal strip in the non-adherent wound pad. The Kliniplast Detectable is particularly suitable for use in kitchens in food preparation and in the food processing industry. After all, the color blue does not occur in any food and so the plaster can easily be found in the food.

Product benefits

  • PE top layer
  • Nonwoven absorbent pad with polyethylene layer
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Rounded edges
  • Water-resistant 
  • Non-sterile
  • Single use


Kliniplast Detectable is suitable for rapid treatment of small, everyday injuries with little exudate. Due to detectable properties, this plaster is specially suitable for application in kitchens during food preparation and in the food processing industry.

Application instructions

  1. Carefully clean wound and surrounding skin before use, make sure the peri-wound skin is dry when applying.
  2. Press down the edges firmly.

Replace at least once a day, single use only.