Kliniplast Border

About Kliniplast Border

This island plaster is a non-adherent dressing and fixation plaster in one. An island plaster protects the wound optimally because the plaster closes the wound all around. Suitable for the care of post-operative wounds, for dry wounds or for lightly exuding wounds. The island dressing is ready for use and easy. Kliniplast Border island plaster has rounded corners, so that the plaster at the corners will not curl as quickly. The plaster is available in various sizes, from 5x7cm to 10x30cm, so that any incision can be covered with it. For a waterproof island plaster, choose the Kliniplast Film with pad or the Kliniplast Border waterproof.

Product benefits

  • Viscose and polyester nonwoven backing
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Rounded corners
  • Border width ± 2-2,5 cm
  • Individually packed
  • Non-waterproof
  • Sterile
  • Single use


Kliniplast Border can be used for dry wounds, or wounds with low exudation, e.g. post-operative wounds.

Application instructions

  1. First remove one protective sheet from the plaster.
  2. Apply it without traction to the skin.
  3. Remove the other protective sheet and let the plaster fall gently over the wound and skin.