Klinigrip Tubular Tricot

About Klinigrip Tubular Tricot

This knitted tubular bandage is especially suitable for protecting the skin under other bandages, such as plaster casts or compression bandages. The dressing is very skin-friendly so it can also be used on patients with sensitive skin. Klinigrip tubular tricot is made of 100% cotton. 

20 meter articles are packed individually in a polyethylene bag, 4 meter articles are packed individually in a carton box. 

Product benefits

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Seamless
  • Available in 4 meters and 20 meters
  • Non-sterile
  • Single use


Klinigrip tubular tricot can be used to protect the skin under plaster of Paris or support bandages.


Do not apply directly onto open wounds and/or damaged skin.

Application instructions

Choose the correct size, based on the diameter of the leg to be bandaged.