Klinigrip cohesive support bandage

About Klinigrip cohesive support bandage

Klinigrip Cohesive support bandage is specially designed for applying support bandages after sports injuries, sprains or strains on moving parts of the body. The bandage is tearable, so that it can be applied quickly, easily and in a material-saving manner. Elasticity and cohesive strength prevent the support bandage from shifting, keeping it in place even after extended periods of time. Plasters are therefore not necessary.

Product benefits

  • Made of cotton, synthetic rubber and elastane
  • Non-sterile
  • Individually packed in a carton
  • Comfortable to wear due to its elasticity
  • Tearable
  • Does not stick to skin, hair or clothing
  • Single use


An instruction for use is included in every carton.

Klinigrip cohesive support bandage is suitable for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and for post-fracture treatment. It can also be used for support, relief, fixation and compression.


  • Do not apply directly onto open wounds and/or damaged skin
  • Do not apply the bandage too tightly, as this can have a negative impact on blood circulation
  • Storage temperature should not exceed 25°C

Application instructions

Use a circular bandage technique. Select the correct bandage width, based on the diameter of the leg which is to be bandaged. Product length is based on fully stretched bandage. It can be torn to enable easy and rapid application, with economical use of the material.