Klinipress Novopad

About Klinipress Novopad

An absorbent, non-adherent dressing to cover moderately exuding wounds. The compress is provided with a special layer on one or both sides, which reduces the risk of adhesion to the wound. Because of this, it does not matter which side is applied to the wound. This property hardly disrupts wound healing, protects the wound bed and makes dressing changes easy and virtually painless. Novopad wound dressing is a non-adherent dressing with a polyethylene layer on both sides. This dressing can be easily fixed with a fixation bandage or an adhesive or fixation plaster.

Product benefits

  • Soft nonwoven dressing of 70% viscose and 30% polyester
  • Provided with a polyethylene layer on both sides
  • The polyethylene wound contact layer reduces the risk of adhesion to the wound
  • Absorbs more moisture than a nonwoven compress
  • Change daily
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • Fixation: necessary


Klinipress Novopad can be used with either side to the wound and is intended for covering superficial wounds with little to moderate exudate. Fixate with a bandage or an adhesive securing plaster. Klinipress Novopad should be changed daily.

Application instructions

Klinion Novopad has no paper instructions for use in the package.

Apply to the desired location and fix with the aid of an adhesive or fixation plaster, a bandage or an elastic net bandage. Cover with foil if necessary.

Frequency of use: change the wound dressing daily.