Kliniderm Alginate

Alginate wound dressings are used for wounds that release a lot of wound fluid, such as:

  • burns, abrasions and cuts
  • chronic wounds such as Pressure Ulcers and Cruris Ulcer
  • infected wounds and post-operative wounds.

In contact with wound fluid, a form-retaining gel is created, which forms a moist wound environment and ensures optimal healing.

Kliniderm Alginate cleans the wound by absorbing wound fluid and debris. The bandage does not stick to the wound, which reduces pain at changes and newly formed tissue is not damaged. It can be removed from the wound in its entirety.

Kliniderm Alginate is covered with a secondary dressing such as a transparent wound film or a foam wound dressing

Kliniderm Alginate Extra absorbs more wound fluid than the Standard, while the Cavity version is especially suitable for deep wounds.


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