Kliniray abdominal gauze compress x-ray

About Kliniray abdominal gauze compress x-ray

Sterile X-ray abdominal compresses are used in surgical procedures for the absorption of fluid. The dressing has an X-Ray thread which allows the product to be located using X-rays. Available in different sizes. The compresses have stitched edges and are available with and without loop.

Product benefits

  • 100% cotton  gauze
  • X-ray thread
  • Pouch in pouch (sterile variants)
  • Including counting cards (sterile variants)
  • Available sterile 
  • 45x70cm size also available non-sterile. Sterilization recommendation available, see downloads.
  • Single use


For moisture absorption during operations.

Application instructions

Sterile variants: Packed in a double pouch to guarantee sterility. Counting cards included on inner pouch. Non-sterile variants: packed in PE wrapper.


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